wickedmommy (wickedmommy) wrote in pagans_fly,

Monday Monday Mornings

Gah I can't get started. I haven't done anything today and it is after 1 here. geez. I would hate to prove my husband right this early in the game.

Yesterday was good. I woke up to a clean and shiney sink this morning. I got dressed to shoes. But as far as hotspots or anything..it is "i'll do it later mode." Okay, this typeing it out is guilting me into getting busy. LOL I had planed to do a two hour crisis cleaning...and hot spot the table by my couch.

On a happier note...I took my first box to goodwill while I was out running errands this morning.

Maybe later today..I can work on actually putting together a control journal...I don't know how that is going to work though. day planners and the ilk never work with me.

Here is hopeing you all are flying with the gods today.
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