wickedmommy (wickedmommy) wrote in pagans_fly,

Teach me to take a day off

Holy Handgrenade Batman! My house it trashed. I mean really trashed. I should say more I did nothing yesterday instead of taking a day off.

But that is alright I guess...I now know..how much I do in such a little time. So I guess my trashy apartment put it all in perspective for me.

I can't say i did nothing. I made a menu for the next two weeks. I am going grocery shopping tomorrow so I needed to do that. I need to recopy it for my control jounal. LOL...I mean my one page in my binder.

I have a really great cookbook I use. I got it when I got my first apartment. It is called Cheap. Fast. Good. LOL...There is even a section that shows you how to feed your family of 4 for a 100 dollars a week.

Hope things are going well with y'all
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