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calendar CHAOS

calendar CHAOS & Flylady stuff
For those of you that know who the Flylady is and what Flying is about this post is for you.

Last Thursday for the second time I got my daughter's therapy appointment wrong. I ran around nuts trying to get her there on time only to learn the appointment was this coming Thursday. I did that the week before too.

It was time for a calendar and control journal clean out and update!

I spent two hours gathering all the appointment cards from doctors, hair professionals, therapist etc. Then I found all the "you need to make an appointment" mailers from doctors and vets. Then I found the calendars there are three of them. I took the time needed to coordinate those three into one large calendar wipe of board in my kitchen and one small portable datebook for my control journal.

I called and made the appointments that were needed and all the cards when into the control journal calendar taped to the right dates to forwarn me that something was coming up.

Friday I went to the bank and got printouts of all of my accounts and did something that I haven't done in about a year...balanced my checkbooks. Ugh. My head still hurts from all the "whaps" it took on the tabletop.

I then went through the "what's due" folder and cleared out past due bills, knowing that they will send me a new one soon. I organized what is due by date and with the balanced checkbook, paid some bills.

I now feel like I am on top of my life again with knowing where my money is and where my life is going daily. I can now run my calendar without it running me.

Flybabies, are your calendars ready for the new year and are your checkbooks in order?


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