onecrazymother (onecrazymother) wrote in pagans_fly,

Flying through crisis.

I must be doing something right. Last week I had a family crisis to deal with, one that felt crazy and scary and beyond managing. I spent hours on the phone, couldn't eat, and couldn't sleep. On Friday afternoon, I managed to collect my thoughts, and also the crisis shifted a bit, into a less scary position. My husband, who had also been upset, had managed to calm himself down at work. So we came together Friday night, and were both actually ok. Then I looked around the house. It was clean! It was better than it had been before the crisis. I had been picking up toys, clearing hotspots, doing laundry, washing dishes, shining my sink...I had been working my routines, going completely on autopilot, because my life was just so far beyond managing. I have "flown" through crises before, and I guess I'm getting the hang of it. We had a good calm weekend, and I feel really good for helping to hold things together pretty well.
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thats fantastic news, i hope my life can run on autopilot if i have a crisis as well. i hope all is ok with you now.
Yay! Happy bunny for you. s:)