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A useful ten seconds.

I was in a pretty good Friday afternoon mood today. While the kids watched some TV I rushed about picking up toys and things. I was also cleaning my room. With great effort, I managed to actually get my dresser, bedside table, and cedar chest all cleared off and dusted, and I put away all my shoes and picked up the floor. I haven't had the dresser all nice and cleared off since I *got* it, in June. (The first thing I did when I brought it in was pile on top of it all the stuff that had previously been on the floor where it was going.)

So I felt all perky. As I saw 1cmf pulling in, I quickly put away the last of the clean laundry off the bed, and then dashed into the bathroom to pull myself together. You know, a little lipstick, brush my hair. This is not something I think is all that odd.

Apparently, I've been pretty casual around here. The husband came into the house and looked at me, then paused, and looked confused.

"Uh, are we going out tonight?" he asked me.

"No...tomorrow," I answered.

Another pause. He looked at me some more, sideways this time. "Are you going out?"

"No." I smiled. I realized... yeah, lipstick, hair just brushed, and I happened to be wearing a non-stained and nicely fitting shirt. "Just us."

"Oh," he answers. "I thought I forgot something."

It really only takes 10 seconds to spruce up at the end of the day.
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